Campania Benevento started supermarket for sale

The company, started in 2012, is developed in a new building, purposely built according to the most recent construction standards, more important in terms of square footage and equipped with high instrumental resources, with five new departments (butcher, fruit and vegetable, delicatessen, bakery, frozen food bulk sales) and ample parking for both retail and wholesale customers, together with ample space for loading / unloading goods. The company employs an average staff of 20 highly specialized units (in particular all the staff working at the cashiers have previous experience in large sales structures and shopping centers; there is always a company accounting unit with previous experience in various studies of chartered accountants, an accountant, there is a legacy, a human resources employee, a sales manager, personal manager). The business makes use of the stable external consultancy of an external accountant, a lawyer, and an external marketing expert. The company maintains stable banking relationships with leading credit institutions. The structure guarantees ample parking for at least 60/70 cars, easily expandable, with an area entirely fenced and equipped with a video surveillance system and a collection system for wastewater. This is an important strategic advantage because the lack of parking is a very significant inconvenience for our direct competitors with immediate repercussions in terms of customers.




The hours in which the structures (wholesale and retail) are open to the public is the result of the deep knowledge of the local market and is determined not only considering the needs of customers, who are guaranteed an impeccable service, but also taking into account the strategies of the main competitors. Normally the activity is open to the public from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 (operational) to 21.00, and on Sunday 8.30 to 13.00; in the winter months the opening hours vary with early closure at 8.30pm. The closing days of the financial year are only December 25th, January 1st and Easter day. These opening hours to the public together with the strong tourist attraction of the neighboring areas is such that, especially on holidays, the proceeds can be of considerable value.




Leaving aside the neighborhood businesses and the small sales structures present in the various neighboring countries (not numerous in fact) and underlining that there are no shopping centers in the area, a Lidl sales point at a distance of 1 km from ours is reported as direct competitors. structure and a Eurospin sales point at a distance of 1-2 km. However, both structures are objectively smaller.



The products on sale in the supermarket are food and household products of various kinds that help and satisfy the customer even in the small daily shopping. The assortment is of the most varied and covers all price ranges, able to satisfy all the customer’s spending needs, including niche purchases. (Always medium-medium high). Particular attention is paid to the typical products of the area that are inserted after a trial period. There are products for gluten intolerances, lactose (products that cover the most complete meals from breakfast / lunch / dessert / fry) assortment of organic food. The sale of frozen products in bulk is envisaged with personnel assigned exclusively to that type of service. In addition to the food department, there is a large area for products for the home and for the person.



The company has its own brand label for various typical products of the area, products whose sale is currently planned only within the store. These are in the species of taralli (of various types and qualities), freselle (various flours) etc.

Throughout the year, particularly advantageous prices can be found within the store compared to the competition. Careful marketing research means that for one or more times a month there are periods (even just one day), with product offers at particularly advantageous prices. The positioning of the products on the shelves responds to modern sales techniques. Readable shelves with heights of 1.60 m. The displays are clear and immediate to read with fixed and updated signs inside the structure. The advertising and marketing channels we use include leafleting activities in the various neighboring countries, fixed signage in particularly important road areas, advertising spaces within the local radio, social channels (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google business). First of all it is in any case trust and professionalism and customer care the greatest form of advertising of which the Supermarket for sale in Campania, benefits and which guarantees the clear recognition of the brand.





The structure is spread over an area of ​​1000 square meters that can be walked on over an external space of 800 square meters of canopies and storage areas. Low structure on one floor. Scallops (all in excellent state of repair):

  • n. 1 cool fridge counter
  • n. 1 single product refrigerated counters
  • n. 11 frozen counters
  • n. 2 active speakers
  • 2 automatic pay stations
  • n. 1 Box office
  • n 1 office
  • n 1 accounting office
  • n. 2 delicatessen counters
  • n. 1 butcher’s counter
  • n. 3 cold rooms of 16 square meters
  • 1 cold room of 25sqm
  • Shelving per side 40 meters (approximately); 70 meters double exposure
  • Internal storage area



Delicatessen service
There are n. 2 counters, with all the necessary scallops for the delicatessen and bakery business (the latter located with distribution in two areas of the supermarket). The sale of various cured meats and cheeses, also packaged on site. The local product occupies a prominent place, with a maximum distinctiveness in the cheese department. A cold room is reserved for this activity.

Fruit and vegetable service
The fruit and vegetable department is located near the entrance to the supermarket, as recommended by the current most authoritative positioning strategies for this type of supermarket. The service includes a showcase sale of fresh local products (with supply scheduled several times a week). A large refrigerated counter for packaged products and large areas for fresh fruit is reserved for the department. A dedicated cell as well as a laboratory is also reserved for the department.

Butcher service
The butchery service takes care of ensuring the best of customers, offering mainly local meats, controlled and treated with care. It offers cured meats and meats also of particularly valuable origin. Another dedicated cell is reserved for this department.

Loose frozen food sales service
We also propose the sale by weight to intercept the specific needs of the customer. N 11 frozen counters. Two counters dedicated to packaged frozen products Remaining counters dedicated to bulk sales. (Two cells are dedicated for sale and storage of goods).




The internal structure is spread over an area of ​​400 square meters, where there are:

  • n.1 fresh refrigerated counter
  • 3 frozen counters
  • N 2 cells
  • Wholesale shelving for pallet stations for a height of 5 meters on two sides of the surface
  • Wide exposure on the platform
  • 1 active cash desk
  • Trolleys for large transports, smart cash trolleys

Wholesale sales are mainly aimed at all the main catering establishments in the area and small supermarkets in the area with the most varied price ranges and quality. The products, except for the butchery and fruit and vegetables, are the same as found in the structure of the detail. A greater referentiality is guaranteed with regard to drinks, snacks, spirits and everything else needed in bars, pubs. In recent years, a reference point for the supply to private and public events (sporting events, civil and religious events, festivals) ¸ supplier of products for school canteens, cooperatives. Reference point for local festivals.




External area separated from the entrance of both the retail and wholesale supermarket to receive goods unloading with ample maneuvering for goods trucks. Part of the storage area is equipped with wholesale shelving for pallets 5 meters high. Part of the storage area is covered and managed by special staff. Goods storage along the entire long (external) perimeter on the left side of the supermarket on both sides with shelving managed by a stacker for positioning the pallets at a minimum height of 2.7m. The goods unloading area is illuminated. The purchase of the Supermarket for sale in Campania represents an excellent investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies who intend to focus on a business with a consolidated start-up, excellent turnover and great growth potential capable of ensuring important competitive advantages compared to to the competition. Company sale proposals are evaluated. Private negotiation.


To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.


To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.


Deep knowledge of the local market and customer expectations, recognized brand, professionalism and authority in dealing with staff and suppliers have ensured over time a great ability to adapt to changing market conditions. The proposal to the customer today focuses on ease, convenience, quality and speed. The human relationship with the customer is developed in the departments of fruit and vegetables, traditional delicatessen and bakery, butcher and in the sale of bulk products, where the relationship with the customer is more continuous. The cashiers (with automatic and manual cashiers) are efficient and professional; the staff are attentive, courteous, fast and with minimal margin for error.


  • SECTOR: Food distribution
  • ACTIVITIES: Supermarket
  • LEGAL FORM: S.r.l.


The business is located in a densely populated area (over 220 inhabitants / km2), on the edge of the Municipality of Telese Terme and on the immediate border with the municipalities of San Salvatore Telesino, Amorosi, Puglianello, Solopaca, Mellizzano. The supermarket for sale in Campania is in fact located along an optimal road route in the center of the valley that connects the towns in the area, in the vicinity of the State Road n. 87, 3 km from the State Road n. 372 (which connects the Caianello motorway junction with the provincial capital Benevento) and 4 km from the road that connects Benevento to Caserta and then to Naples, the Provincial Road Fondo Valle Isclero.

Territory in the Sannio region, with ancient historical origins dating back to medieval times, it is known nationally and internationally for the production of Solopaca DOC wine, which represents one of the absolute excellences of Campania winemaking. Area consisting of predominantly alluvial soils, with the presence in various percentages, depending on the area, of sands, silt and clays. Both white and red wines are produced in the Solopaca area. The symbolic wine of the territory and of the most ancient traditions is undoubtedly Falanghina.

The territory of the Telesina Valley includes 20 municipalities largely crossed by the Calore Irpino river and the Titerno stream, inside there is the lake of Telese, a well-known tourist destination. Since ancient times, areas dedicated to viticulture, named in 1971 as the “Solopaca DOC area” and producing a wide range of wines including, according to the oldest labels that recall the territorial origin, Solopaca wines and Guardioli wines.

The Taburno – Camposauro regional park is a protected natural area in Campania established since 1993. With an area of 12,370 hectares, it includes several neighboring municipalities. Unmissable destination for hikers and nature lovers

City of Campania, initially called Maloenton by the native Osco-Samnite populations, only to be renamed by the ancient Romans first Maleventum and finally Beneventum, boasts an important historical, artistic and archaeological heritage, which has always made it a destination of international interest. Among the best known monuments is the church of Santa Sofia, built in 760 by the Lombard duke Arechi II, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since June 2011.


To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.


• Enjoy a position on the existing market
• Take over relationships with already defined suppliers
• Start from a consolidated customer base
• Exploit the organization and equipment of the previous management
• Already have an idea of what the turnover could be
• Significantly reduce the risk associated with the unknown activity of a new business
• Work on critical issues, improving service
• Take over and therefore cancel the presence of a potential competitor
• Begin, right away, to generate collections rather than wait for the normal start-up times
• Have a faster return on investment


To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.

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