Bakery for Sale Taranto Puglia

Puglia – in a well-known town in the immediate province of Taranto, historical gastronomy bakery with an attached artisan workshop for sale.

The company, present on the market for over forty years, is located inside a building, owned by the owners, developed on a single surface on the street level of about 360 square meters, located in a semi-central area, very busy and high population density.

The property consists, in the front part, of a commercial space with three large windows, for direct sale, recently renovated and renovated with elegant furnishings, which give it a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, consisting of a large counter with display windows. , wooden backrests along the walls and comfortable seats for quick consumption.

In the rear part of the building, there is the craft workshop, consisting of a compartment used for the storage of products, machinery and equipment in excellent condition, a kitchen complete with hood and flue, laundry area, office area, toilets and changing rooms for staff. The laboratory has a large independent entrance, which is accessed from a private driveway, adjacent to the store.

The business, conducted on a family level for over forty years, represents an important point of reference for the vast local clientele, which extends throughout the Taranto hinterland, but which includes customers and tourists who populate the area during the year. town, in search of traditional flavors and genuine products.

Over the years, the owners have developed a consolidated know-how, which guarantees the high quality of the products by optimizing the manufacturing process; an exclusive recipe book; a careful selection of high quality zero km raw materials; a (registered) trademark well positioned in the territory; a solid positive reputation, confirmed by the excellent turnover.

The work carried out over time has therefore produced an important added value, represented by the development potential that today the company is able to express, proving to be a profitable investment for those wishing to take over a company with high growth capacity and precious competitive advantages over the competition.

For lack of generational change, proposals for company sale are evaluated.


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· Sector: Food crafts
· Activities: Bakery gastronomy laboratory
· Legal form: Snc
· Start-up year: 1986
· Number of employees: 4

· Average annual income: 500,000
· Property owned: yes
· Renovated building: yes
· Internal surface sqm: 360 approx
· External surface sqm: 130 approx



To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.


• Consolidated presence on the market
• Excellent reputation
• Know-how
• Registered trademark
• Renovated premises
• Equipment and machinery park
• Loyal customers


A town in the province of Taranto, known internationally for the production of artistic ceramics and for the production of table grapes, also referred to as the “city of ceramics” or the “city of grapes”.

Oriented nature reserve
Protected natural area located along the Taranto coast and in the hinterland of the municipality of Manduria, it includes some natural oases with typical vegetation, such as the woods of Cuturi and Rosa Marina together with the Foce del Chidro, the Salina dei Monaci, the dunes of Torre Colimena and the marsh of the Count.

Valle d’Itria
Splendid territory of central Puglia between the metropolitan city of Bari and the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto, with places that have now become international tourist destinations, such as Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca, rural landscape, characterized by the presence of countless farms and typical trulli, exclusive cone-shaped stone houses.

Brindisi airport
Born in the 1920s with the construction of a military runway, today Brindisi-Papola Casale Airport is an important airport serving Brindisi and Salento, less than 10 km from the city center and about 35 km from Lecce, reachable by bus and shuttle lines.


• Avoid lengthy and expensive bureaucratic procedures
• Enjoy an existing market position
• Take over relationships with suppliers already defined
• Starting from a consolidated customer base
• Take advantage of the organization and equipment of the previous management
• Have an idea of what the turnover could be
• Significantly reduce the risk associated with the unknown quantity of a new activity
• Work on critical issues, improving service
• Take over and then cancel the presence of a potential competitor
• Begin immediately to generate collections rather than waiting for the physiological start-up times
• Have a faster return on investment


To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.


To maintain privacy, I ask you to fill the form and send me your request for information. I will contact you immediately.


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